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Southmoore tennis star Samantha Nguyen seeks inspiration from the world’s top players – Presented by Gregory’s Sporting Goods

Professional athletes, whether they realize it or not, have many young athletes that look up to them and strive to be like them. As a tennis player at Southmoore High School, it is no surprise that Samantha Nguyen looks up to several professional tennis players.

“I have many role models and significant influences in my life,” Nguyen stated. “They include the Williams sisters, Coco Guaff, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and a few more. What makes them influential is listening to their path and journeys to their success. What they do for a living inspires players all around the world who are trying to get better.”

Samantha is a sophomore and she has worked hard to become the tennis player that she is today. But she says that it takes more than just physical work to become successful.

“What it takes to be successful is having the right mindset and going the hardest you can at every practice and tournament no matter the circumstance,” she said. “You should be able to do the best you can while enjoying every second of it. Winning is a big motivator for me. I hate to lose. If I lose, I stay respectful and kind to my opponent but if I win it is one of the best feelings ever and I do my best to win as much as I possibly can.”

While she puts in her own work, Nguyen says that she has a teammate that she enjoys working against because it helps her prepare better.

“I like to practice against Eleonora Zabeo,” she said. “I love working against her because she hits a lot of topspin. It gives me an opportunity to work with those types of shots because it is different from working with many people who hit flat shots.”

Outside of sports, Samantha is also a member of the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Club, the student council, and the National Honor Society.

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