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Southmoore’s Brilyn Ross – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Payne Insurance

Taking the lead is not new for Southmoore High’s Volleyball Senior, Brilyn Ross. Leadership has been a part of her training from early on. She recalls being just 11 years old at her first club tryout and being terrified, but doing it afraid anyway. Brilyn knows if she hadn’t stepped out of her comfort zone then, she would not be the athlete and leader she is today.

Not only has this sport fostered a leader but someone who can stay cool and function well under stressful situations. She is surrounded by family, friends, and teammates, past and present, who continue to influence her and cheer her on. Her parents inspire her everyday with their joy for life and tenacity of spirit. Brilyn has seen them sacrifice and work hard for her and her brother and it drives her.

Brilyn knows impact and inspiration are tools we can lean on to push us over the threshold of mediocrity and she can recall so many who have done just that for her. Inspiration like her teammate Landry Braziel who, according to Brilyn “works hard, never gives up, and walks in that leadership role on every team she is on.” Brilyn draws on the strength and kindness of her teammate for example and encouragement.

Brilyn has also seen strong leadership from her coach/teacher, Coach Stewart, who brought her not-so-favorite subject, Science, to life and made it interesting and fun.

This girl thrives on not only learning everything she can from those who have gone before her, but also pouring into those coming up behind her and giving back. Brilyn remembers the best advice she ever received, from Hannah Davis, who told her to “Never turn your blessings into burdens.” She finds peace in those words and she allows them to stay forefront in her mind so she never takes anything for granted, not her gifts, not her future, and not those around her. She continues to be grateful for her family for being so supportive and to every coach for the skill and insightfulness they’ve given her.

Although Brilyn carries a full schedule with school ball and club, she is also a part of FCA and very involved in her youth group at Emmaus Baptist Church.

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